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With vision to continue projecting young people to reach the highest level and fulfill their dreams to become realities.
Middle Georgia United FC is a United Premier Soccer League team currently playing in Division 1 in the Georgia region. With strong roots at the core of Middle Georgia United comes the identity of influential cities such as Dublin, Eastman, Cochran, Warner Robins, Perry, and Macon. Though still more to come, Middle Georgia United is a family that stands with the community. The club is a symbol of diversity and unity where it will be omnicultural, multilingual, and extraordinary. We as a club are fueled by the connections shared by our surrounding neighbors. Brothers and sisters in arms represent what we can aspire to be as knights of the old. Passionate yet ambitious with a touch of humility along with honor; dedication alongside courage and faith are qualities of a knight.
At Middle Georgia United FC, our goal is to promote, engage and connect with our surrounding neighbors that Middle Georgia has welcomed the beautiful game. We at Middle Georgia United FC are committed to the community in search of creating something more than ourselves. Our club strives to provide a pathway for the local and community players to aspire to play at the professional level. Through high-quality training and mentorship, player development is a focal point that every aspect will be improved upon. With our community and fans, we at Middle Georgia United FC want to stand together and represent the heart of Georgia. Like the knights of the old tales, we want to honor, serve and defend our home on and off the field.




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